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No, we’re not from Hollywood (or Bollywood :)) But that doesn’t stop us from filming whatever you ask of us – sending for your prom, your beautiful wedding, or even a video for your latest song. Or just be there and record your press conference. We film everything with professional cameras, cameramen, directors.

Short (and why only short?) Ads for your company, a video of photos taken, video wishes, etc. We use professional software of the highest class and invest a lot of creativity in the implementation of our/your ideas.


We translate films, press conferences, lectures, etc. and we put subtitles. We embed in the picture or provide as a separate file. We synchronize and edit premade subtitles.

It’s one thing to have a video file to watch, share, etc. It’s different to have your own DVD, with a menu, cover, print on disc, etc. And to “distribute” so among your acquaintances or clients. Make a video presentation about your company and give it to everyone. And let us help with the DVD 🙂


If you need to take a photo of an important event, we can provide you with a professional photographer. Whether it’s your wedding, or just a concert or other event, for the needs of your company – we can guarantee you quality and performance, which you will be satisfied with.


Give your loved ones a photo shoot with a professional photographer. Choose where to do it, or leave it to the imagination of our photographer.

Or just make yourself a beautiful gift … for the generations to come. 🙂

 Artistico Ltd

A short advertisement for Artistico Ltd. – the leading manufacturer of artistic and hardwood flooring in Bulgaria. You can visit the company’s website (also developed by us) here: www.artistico.bg.

 “Via Dolorosa”, Marta Lyaskova

“Via Dolorosa” is one of the most famous Christian songs describing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary. The talented Bulgarian singer Marta Lyaskova contacted us for shooting and editing a video of the song she sings in both Bulgarian and English. “Down the Via Dolorosa, all the way to Calvary…”

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