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Right now Facebook is the world’s leading social network. The standard that everyone strives to copy, reach, surpass. For many people, Facebook is more than just a work environment. The number of companies with specialized pages on Facebook is constantly growing. This brings the company’s prestige, popularity, and, of course, additional customers and profits.
But how do you get noticed among the thousands (millions, to be exact) of such pages? How to build a network of followers, how to gain more likes, how to reach more people?
This is where we come in help. Social networks are an ever-changing and dynamic environment. In order to “survive” and prosper in it, you definitely need to be always up to date. And be aware of how this “machine” works.
Let us take care of your Facebook page!
Let’s create it, let’s help it be liked by more people! Let’s take care of its daily maintenance! Let’s save you time and extra nerves!
Through us, your page will become a powerful tool for business development.

We know what people are looking for on Facebook, when they are looking for it and how they want to get it.
We will carefully study your business and your real competition. And together we will try to overcome it.

We can guarantee:

  • individual approach – tailored to the requirements of your business and your personal preferences
  • ingenuity – using a variety of means to reach more people
  • innovations – in an ever-changing environment, you must always be ready to change
  • professionalism – There is a popular saying in Bulgaria: “A word said is like a stone thrown”.

Let us take care of your company’s Facebook profile. So that you can have more time for doing what you are best at – your personal business.


  • 5 posts per week


  • 10 posts per week
  • Dialogue with users


  • 20 posts per week
  • Dialogue with users
  • Games
  • 500 guaranteed likes per month